About PPC Advertising

Website PPC Advertising

PPC stands for Pay Per Click and means you are paying for vistors to your website.Google PPC website advertising in Peterborough
On Google, which is currently the main provider of this medium  they are also called Sponsored ads and are managed on the platform referred to as ‘Google AdWords’.
Other search engines like Bing also offer paid advertising on a Pay Per Click  basis..

When to use PPC
If you have a new website and you want to get visitors quickly while you get your SEO strategy worked out, PPC is the amnswer.
Correct SEO strategy takes time to work, sometimes months.

Where you see PPC ads?
The adverts appear in top three results in a shaded area Sponsored Ads and in the right column of the browser.
Adverts here are placed by companies have a Google AdWords account and are bidding on these keywords.
When you search on a keyword they think is relevant to their services you adverts appear.
When or if they click on it, you get charged.

What does the advert look like?
You get 25 letters available in the ‘Headline’ and then 35 on line one and another 35 on line two.
You also get 35 letters for the display url.
This is the URL or web site address your user will see and you get the chance here to advertise a bit more.
Adverts need to compel the user to click on them.
If you have a decent promotion, advertise it.
Use call to actions, use prices.
If you’re the cheapest shout it, beware Google will ban superlative words ‘cheapest in the World’.
This is your chance to say why that person should click on your advert.

Why use PPC?
The top three positions generally get more traffic as not everyone realizes these are adverts.
Make sure you consider though, where the traffic is going to.
The ad can be as great / pretty / enticing as anything but if your website is awful, it may be pointless.
Also, have a look at what your competitors are writing.
You need your advert to stand out, not read just like all the others but with a different display URL.