About Magneto e-Commerce

MagentoWebsite Design with Magento in Peterborough

Bringing your own business to the e-commerce market can be difficult  and you may need help to be able to manage your own e-commerce business.
You need to be able to understand the marketing strategies that you would need to employ so that you can compete with other brands and businesses.

Magneto is a feature-rich eCommerce platform that is built on open-source technology that allows online entrepreneurs to have flexibility and control over the look, content and functionality of their e-Commerce store.
The administration interface allows you to have powerful marketing,  search engine optimization and catalog-management tools  to allow merchants to create sites that can cater to their specific business needs.
It is designed to be completely scalable ie it can handle as mnay products and customers as you are likely to get as an SME.

If you would want to discover the possibilities that Magneto has for you, you can take a look at their demo at http://www.magentocommerce.com/demo.
You can have the Magento Community Edition for free under the open source OSL 3.0 license.

Magneto has a number of features that you can optimize for your business. One of which is that you can easily create and present your product catalogues for your customers. Secondly, it also has great options when it comes to customer service, so that you can still cater to the needs of your customers even on an online platform. You can also integrate it with your Google Analytics account to use its options to be able to improve on your business. Magneto also allows you to use different marketing tools to aid you in making your business profitable. And finally, it has over 1,700 extensions for additional functionalities you can install via the Magento-Connect interface.

Magneto is the perfect web tool for you to optimize your e-Commerce business.