Search Engine Optimisation

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the term used to ensure your web site is as highly placed within Google and other search engines and directories as possible.
Many companies offer solutions and quick fixes which if used incorrectly or are against Google rules can lead to problems and even getting banned from the Google listing.
Our approach to SEO is to understand what the Google system requires and then optimise the site within these parameters.
The difficulty in getting to the first page in Google, who have the vast majority of the search engine traffic, is the popularity of your web site ‘keyword phrase’. This is the group of words your ideal customer would type into Google to find your products or service i.e. allotment supplies.

If this phrase generates many millions of web pages i.e. lot of other sites are using this phrase to attract visitors, then the SEO required to get to the top of the list may be considerable. If the number of pages is smaller the task is simpler.
For most clients we normally start our SEO approach by researching the ‘keyword phrase’ list which we help clients generate.

SEO activity then broadly is broken into two areas:-

‘On the Page’ optimisation, changes that can be made to your web pages to improve the position in Google for the phrase.

‘Off Page or Linking’ –  Google looks at links coming into your site as votes, so the more links from top web sites into yours means more votes, and more votes means higher position. For highly competitive keyword phrases the assistance of specialist SEO companies may be required and we work closely with some of the top companies to get the right package for our clients.

SEO is a complex subject and is best dealt with in person so the right SEO approach can be explained in detail.