Portfolio Websites

Below are a few links to websites we have built and in some cases actively manage.

Spill ShopSpillshop.co.uk website built by Neobium Web Solutions    

This is an ecommerce store catering for all spillage needs from Spill Kits and the refills through to the bigger IBC bunds and 205L drum pallets and many other spillage products for oil and chemical spillages of any size.
This site is built within the Magento ecommerce paltform with full card payment and stock management facilities.




Charnwood Footwear & ClothingCharnwoodfootwear.co.uk website built by Neobium Web Solutions

Charnwood is a large ecommerce site built on the Magento platform offering over 50,000 products across the safety footwear sector including work boots , rigger boots, steel toe cap boots and the very latest composite toe cap boots and shoes. This fully functional store is built within the Magento ecommerce platform with full store and payment management systems incorporated and  has over 50,000 individual items for sale.



UKSafety FootwearUKSafetyFootwear.com website built by Neobium Web Solutions

This is the sister site to Charnwood Footwear specialising in safety footwear for the industrial market. It is built within the Magento ecommerce platform with full store and payment management systems incorporated and has over 2500 individual items for sale.



Deeping St James Angling Club

DeepingStJamesAnglingClub.co.uk website built by Neobium Web Solutions
A local angling club site built in WordPress to display fishing venues with pictures galleries and provide a simple news section that comittee members can add the latest news on club matters.






MyAllotmentPlot.co.uk website built and owned by Neobium Web SolutionsAnother ecommerce site built within the WooCommerce WordPress Platform, this is our own ecommerce site with over 500 products incorporating card payments and stock management systems.
The site has sections dedicated to all aspects of allotment supplies:-
Allotment & Garden Spades
Allotment & Garden Forks
Allotment Gloves
Allotment Safety Equipement
Animal Traps
Bird Insect Netting
Brooms & Brushes
Chillington Hoes
Cloches & Tunnels
Crop Protection
Cutting & Clearing
Dibbers & Widgers
Digging Shovels & Spades
Fabrics & Membranes
Gift Vouchers
Hand Forks And Trowels
Measuring & Marking Out
Moving & Tidying
Plant Protection Fleece
Preparing The Ground
Propagation Planting Out
Pruning Saws
Allotment & Garden Rakes
Riddles Sieves
Glasses & Visors
Allotment & Garden Secateurs
Sickles Scythes & Slashers
Allotment Tarpaulin Sheets
Allotment & Garden Tools For Children
Allotment & Garden Tools For Ladies
Allotment & Garden Tools For Tall People
Tools Repair Care
Watering & Harvesting
Allotment & Garden Weed Control
Allotment & Garden Hoes