About Us

Neobium Web Solutions is a small company dedicated to offering other small companies website design, website development,  and internet marketing services of the highest qualityin Cambridgeshire and Northhamptonshire areas.

We pride ourselves on having a wide range of web design  skills so that our clients will not only gain a visually attractive website, but acquire a positive asset to the business. Combining the website design skills with our internet  marketing tools and web marketing expertise we can help make the site generate  leads and interest that will advance your business.
After all, for most companies having a website has moved beyond a ‘must have’ business accessory to being a new tool in the internet marketing armoury.

The key to success in the website design is to keep the customer coming back to your site, not your competitors’. This can be done in many ways but the most basic is to keep the customer informed about you and your products using a web design that is contemporary, fast to load, and easy to navigate. These are our core web design principles.

We also have extensive experience of internet marketing for web sites and can advise  on the integration of the web into the wider marketing mix so that maximum benefit can be obtained.

As a small company we look to forge relationships with our clients so that once the website design and build is complete we can help with routine page changes and  on-going web development to keep the site fresh and attractive.

Our clients’ success is our success.